Riding in Peninsula State Park

Mopeding is an awesome way to experience all the park and surrounding county has to offer in enough time to get you to your dinner reservation. Please read through this page to prepare for your ride!

RESERVATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED. Each moped is equipped with a full tank of gas and a park sticker. Gear up for a fun and fast ride to Sven’s Bluff, Nicolet beach, Eagle Bluff and if your looking for even more of an adventure, take our back country maps to wind your way through the peninsula to the water front towns that call Door County home.

Reserving your Moped

We recommend booking online to guarantee the best options. No booking fees.

1 Hour
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
Nicolet Beach
Sven's Bluff
Half Day
Entire Peninsula State Park
Cana Island
Cave Point
Full Day
Entire Peninsula State Park
Entire Lakeside
Entire Bayside


You will want to arrive 25 minutes prior to your departure time to fill out rental agreements and prepare for your ride. To ride a moped you must:

  • Bring a valid Drivers license (permits are not allowed)
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Meet our 250 pound weight limit
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Wear shoes with a backing (no flip flops)
  • Have no bun in the oven (Sorry, pregnant riders are not allowed)

Even if you are an experienced rider, all riders will be required to wear helmets (provided free with the rental or you can bring your own).

It’s important to note that NOT EVERYONE WAS BORN TO RIDE A MOPED! We do our very best to get everyone out on the road but we take precautions to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. We take into consideration the following during your education session:

  • Hesitation starting or stopping the moped
  • Balance and maneuverability while test riding
  • Active listening and participation during the overview and test ride

We have the right to deny rental if we feel you are not safe. We understand this can be frustrating if it happens to you but your safety is our number one priority!

Rental Policies

Please review our moped rental policies regarding cancellations, refunds, payment and online reservations here.